Aphirak Marvin

Aphirak Marvin

UXUI Designer


My name is Aphirak Marvin and currently Producing UXUI design based in Chiangmai, Thailand, remotely working. 

Most of the projects that I am efficiently working on are property and shopping categories in terms of smartphone application platform , tablet property sale-kit, and shopping mall kiosks such as directory touchscreen board .

For the past 15 years that I’ve experienced a design career related to business, Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma have been part of my journey until today.

My main focuses and production procedures related to my UXUI production are:

1. Client criteria specification

2. Brand or CI identity development

3. Design System

4. App/Website Journey

5. Wireframe

6. UI theme and concept design

7. Product presentation

8. Visual and design system preparation for platform development.

9. incorporate and communicate with project manager, account executive, and junior designer.

10. Skills in Visual Design for product

11. Basic Knowledge of HTML + CSS

As the new world has driven designs into UXUI, it is compulsory to evolve our skills to the next evolution. Please review most of my portfolio like below: